Why choose ALPE?

New and optimal Postoperative Pulmonary Diagnostics

New postoperative Pulmonary Diagnostic devices for patients with low oxygen saturation.

ALPE essential - Postoperative
  • Pulmonary gas exchange assessment as O2 - loss and Shunt
  • Bedside Pulmonary diagnostic in less than 8 minutes.
  • Diagnostic Guided treatment
  • Faster patient release from recovery
Today, there are no clinically valid pulmonary non-invasive methods or test of assessing the patient’s with low oxygenation capability postoperative and in connection with the patient being discharged from the recovery ward. This is a serious issue as it may lead to incorrect treatment and extended hospitalisation e.g. hypoxemia.

ALPE essential is a clinical diagnostic devices that provides insight into the reason for the pulmonary dysfunction and weather the dysfunction is a O2 - loss, e.g. a barrier that may be treated with oxygen, or a Shunt that can be treated by means of pulmonary physiotherapy (recruitment, CPAP, ect.).

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