Why choose ALPE?

Differentiated Preoperative Pulmonary diagnostic

ALPE essential lets you perform pulmonary diagnostic specifically targeted at preoperative oxygenation issues.

ALPE essential - Preoperative
  • Pulmonary gas exchange assesment as O2 - loss and Shunt.
  • Easy and Safe anaesthesia process preparation by spontaneous breathing measurement
  • Diagnostic guided Preoperative treatment.
Most traditional pulmonary procedures and tests are limited to assessing whether the patient is operable, and do not give insight into the patient’s oxygenation capabilities. Nevertheless, such preoperative insight is crucial when dealing with patients with shortness of breath or patients undergoing complex surgery.

With ALPE essential, you can perform targeted preoperative treatment based on the patient’s pulmonary gas exchange expressed as O2 –loss and Shunt with the purpose of minimizing perioperative and postoperative oxygenation issues as e.g. hypoxemia.

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