Why choose ALPE?

Complete pulmonary Anaesthesia evaluation

Requirement of the Anaesthesia process is a major issue to ensure a high quality procedure. Pre- and postoperative measurment with ALPE essential supply the Anaesthesia with an accurate and non-invasive pulmonary evaluation.

ALPE essential - the anaesthesia process
  • Ensure quality diagnostic of Pulmonary Complications
  • Identifies patients who will benefit from from oxygen therapy, recruitment/mobilization or Pulmonary theraby
Accreditation and documentation go hand in hand, and the requirements for documentation of the anaesthesia process are higher than ever. However, quality assurance is currently difficult and fragmented, because methods are limited to single measurements and partial documentation.

ALPE essential lets you perform serial measurements and document everything in one single report. This report is the perfect starting point for documenting the anaesthesiologist’s perioperative and postoperative focus on, and treatment of, the patient’s oxygenation capacity.

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