Why choose ALPE?

Accurate, non-invasive cost-efficient measurement

ALPE essential gives the anaesthesiologist a accruate knowledge about Pulmonary dysfunction expressed as O2-loss and Shunt.

essential quantifies the patient’s oxygenation condition using a fast, easy, painless and non-invasive procedure. During the measurement the patient is supine or seated and breathing through a mask or a mouthpiece, whatever most convenient for the patient. A pulse oximeter is also connected to the patient. The oxygen is given at different levels for up to 8 minutes during which time arterial saturation and expiratory oxygen are measured.
In 3-5 steps the equipment automatically varies the oxygen content of the inspired air and at each step measurements are taken. In a few seconds parameters describing the gas exchange impairment for the oxygenation problem are calculated on-line and bedside.

Diffusion barriers                                 No ventilation                                Normal: O2–loss = 0

= O2 - loss increased                   = Shunt increased                           Shunt = 0 

Preoperative diagnistic 
For patients with shortness of breath and patients undergoing complicated surgeries e.g. abdominal or thorax surgery.

Plan and monitering differentiated treatment of patients with low oxygenation ability.

Complete Anaesthesia process
Document and minimize pulmonary complicationsof patients undergoing surgery  



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