Why choose ALPE?

The ALPE Curve

Until now the advanced measurment of the lungs ability to oxygenate the blood has not been clinical possible. ALPE essential is a unique and grundbreakning devices that gives the anaesthesiologist relevant knowledge of the pulmonary function.

The ALPE technology is built into the ALPE essential device, which is working by complex software that integrates data measured from the patient. These data are:
  • Inspired and expired air: Oxygen tension
  • Inspired and expired flow
  • Arterial oxygen saturation: Measured by a clip on e.g. the finger (pulse oximetry).
The gas exchange impairment parameters estimated are the O2-loss, which is a measure of the level of extra oxygen pressure needed to reach normal saturation and the Shunt, which is the percentage of blood not reaching the alveoli.
The values, O2-loss and Shunt, are estimated by a patented mathematical model fitted to the points of the measured arterial saturation and expiratory oxygen. As illustrated on the figure below the O2-loss value can also be interpreted as the right-ward shift of the curve given by the end tidal expired oxygen fraction versus the arterial saturation. The Shunt value can equally be interpreted as the down-ward shift of this curve.
The figure shows if the pulmonary dysfunction is related to O2 - loss or shunt using a unique oxygen titration technique.

The blue curve shows a normal situation where a rise in oxygen percentage above atmospheric air gives 100% saturation. When a drop in oxygen percentage is present the drop in saturation will be minor.

The red curve is from a patient with both shunt and a O2 - loss. An increase of the oxygen percentage above atmospheric air does not increase the saturation due to the blocked alveoli. A minor decrease of the oxygen percentage on the other hand gives a rapid decrease in saturation causing the curve to make a rightwards shift. This indicates a O2 - loss 
With the ALPE system a nurse can do the measurements in the ward. The interpretation of the results is easy, straightforward, and leads to decision on the future treatment.

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