ALPE Essential

Clinical Diagnostic Device for Anaesthesiologists

ALPE essential is nothing short of a revelution for health care professionals - especially anaesthesiologist - to optimize the complete anaesthesia process pre- and postoperative.

Accurate Characterization of Pulmonary Gas Exchange

In a matter of minutes ALPE essential characterizes the pulmonary gas exchange non-invasively and is helping the clinical to optimise the anaesthesia process.

Case Story - ALPE essential

ALPE essential have been used in many different clinical situation pre- and postoperative and thereby proved that ALPE essential is a very relevant Clinical Diagnostic Pulmonary Device for Anaesthesiologist. We have many cases some of them you can read on this site.

Functionality and Specificatons

ALPE essential is developed in collaboration with specialist in anesthesiologi and high profile researchers. The devices is CE marked and produced and developed regarding the standard: Safety EN60601-1:1996+amd and EMC EN6061-1-2:2001+A1.